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Should I Really Invest in Professional Senior Photos?

Perhaps you heard of someone who didn’t have a great experience with a professional senior photo or you’re just not sure these types of shots appeal to you. Whatever your reservations, know that senior photos are always a worthwhile investment.

Let’s elaborate.

One of the first things that tend to put some seniors off a professional session is the photos they have seen. Unfortunately, there are still many photos with a tired and outdated style that are floating around online. From terrible poses to boring backdrops, you might be thinking your senior photos won’t be all that memorable, but this isn’t true.

Professional, modern senior photographers aim to provide you with a positive experience by incorporating your unique style, personality, and preferences into your photos. This means if you would prefer a shoot in your garden at home with your dog, wearing your favorite summer dress, that is exactly what you should do. Want to shoot in your hiking gear at the side of a lake because that’s where you spend a lot of your spare time? Done!

Next is the cost of a senior photo session. The good news is these sessions don’t need to cost a fortune. If you don’t need a full, traditional photoshoot, you can always opt for a mini session. Not only are these sessions affordable, but they are quick and convenient too. Just keep in mind that you might not be able to customize it as much as a traditional session.

Lastly, there’s the necessity. Will you really look back on these photos? The answer is absolutely! Almost anyone you speak to has photos from their senior year. What’s more, it’s a great gift for your parents if you’re moving away for college.

In the end, you could always take some photos yourself, but the quality and creativity won’t be the same. Working with a professional senior photographer is always worth it.

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