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Who will hold the 2017 Sunburst state titles?

Sunburst Beauty pageants will be having their state finals coming up in May. It is important to prepare for the pageant in advance. One of the costs I would plan on in advance is the photography of your child's events. There will be NO cameras allowed in the ballroom. My staff will be photographing the full weekend of events from start to finish. It is important to preserve these memories of your child's experience at her beauty pageant. I capture all the contestants in their groups as well as when they go up on stage individually. It is nice to give parents the assurance that while they are running around making sure their child is prepared for their stage entrance that once their child steps on that stage, his or her moment will be frozen in time for their viewing pleasure later.

Natalia Mae Photography will be photographing the Sunburst state finals for Michigan, and Kentucky/Tennessee.

Order your photo packages today and SAVE!!

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