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5 Ways to Get Better Cap and Gown Graduation Photos

Not every graduate is crazy about wearing a cap and gown for photos, but there are ways you can capture better images you will be proud to show off.

As you begin your search for your senior photographer, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Pick the Right Under-Gown Outfit

Instead of placing all your focus on how the cap and gown are going to look, think about what you want to wear under the gown. Your graduation gown merely drapes over your outfit, so choose a look that you love and feel confident in. Scheduling a professional hair and makeup session can also take your look to the next level.

Include Friends

Your friendships have been an integral part of your senior year, so include them in a few of your photos to make the cap and gown shots less traditional. Relax, laugh, and take in this special memory with some of the most important people in your life.

Make It Meaningful

Your parents have played an integral role throughout your school career, so pose for some meaningful photos with them. You might not be crazy about the cap and gown, but these are photos that your parents will treasure.

Pick the Right Location

Level up those cap and gown shots by choosing a location that means something to you. Perhaps it’s the sports field at your school, your community church, or a park that you spent time studying at. The location of your senior session is another part of the shoot that you have full control over.

Take an Iconic Photo

Lastly, plan a few iconic shots to make those cap and gown photos more impactful. Perhaps it’s you walking away from the camera, cap in hand, or throwing the cap into the air on the steps of your university. Not all graduation photos need to be posed.

Now that you know your cap and gown photos don’t need to be boring, you can start planning an epic senior graduation shoot.

Highschool graduate students in front of school
Highschool Senior Students

Girl holding cap for graduation

Highschool senior sitting on Ford Mustang

Guy throwing graduation cap out of window of Ford Mustang



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