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10 Ideas to Inspire Your Best Friend Senior Photo Session

Your friends are an integral part of your school years, so it only makes sense to take a few photos together to commemorate your senior year. An important part of planning your senior photo session is deciding on the poses and shots you would like to take. Your photographer will thank you too. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

1. The Inside Joke. If there’s one thing all friends share, it’s a few inside jokes. Grab a shot of you and your besties talking and laughing together. Aim to walk towards the camera so that the photographer can capture your faces and outfits.

2. The Line-Up. Including more than just one best friend in your senior photos? Get the girls to line up with their backs towards the camera, your arms around each other’s waists, and your legs criss crossed for a great group shot. For the guys, you can place your hands on each other’s shoulders.

3. The Gowns. The iconic gown should make it into at least a few of your best friend shots. Have everyone walk towards the camera, laughing and smiling. You can even throw a few balloons into the mix for some added character.

4. The Year. Find a way to highlight the current year in your senior photos. You and your bestie can hold up a blackboard or even write the year across your feet, which will face the camera.

5. The Fun Signs. On the topic of props, you can also incorporate some fun signs into a few of your shots. “Finally” and “We Did It!” are great options.

6. The Hug. There are few things that feel as good as a hug from your best friend, which is why this makes for such a great senior shot. Embrace your friend in a way that your photographer can see both your faces. Another option is to capture a side hug from the back.

7. The Team. Were you and your best friend a part of the same sports team? Bring some memorabilia into your shots to highlight this special link you both share.

8. The Hat Toss. If you will be wearing hats on graduation day, don’t forget to capture a photo where your friend group throws their hats into the air.

9. The Confetti Shot. Add a little sparkle to your senior photos with beautiful dresses and confetti. You can have the confetti falling down around you and your friends or blow it towards the camera.

10. The Other Perspective. Get a few shots from a completely different angle by lying down with your head next to your best friend’s. Your photographer can then capture your faces from above.

There are so many ways to capture senior photos with your best friends. If you need any extra inspiration, speak to your photographer or browse through their portfolio

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