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Strong and full of Grace

It is already time for the gymnastics season to be completed as we lead up to the USAG State Championship this weekend. It is always fun to watch the sport and be a parent of a strong, dedicated athlete who has passion and big goals to reach for her future. The hours in the gym conditioning, the focus of perfect shaping and form, and the complete dedication it takes from these athletes is so inspiring. Watching the collegiate level gymnasts compete is an amazing experience for young gymnasts because these collegiate gymnasts are fantastic role models who show discipline to be an elite gymnast but also what a teammate should look like. If you ever watch college gymnasts the camaraderie with the team is such a positive influence to those who have future goals of being a collegiate gymnast. Good luck to all the level 7 and 8s this weekend at the Region 5 USAG State Championships.

Natalie level 7 gymnast

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